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     DL provides many services to cater towards your next event. Large or small we do it all! Need help planning an extravagant formal gala? Need to hire a service to host your next wine gathering? Need to reach more views with a flier or video? DL can provide great service towards your event needs. Quality, organization and experience with guest/venues/brands is what we offer!



DL has hosted events in the greatest venues Minneapolis and St. Paul has to offer. Anything from Fashion shows, Trade shows to Formal events.


We have even done events off site such as boat parties on Lake Minnetonka and as far as Nightlife events in Chicago.


Whether you would like to HIRE US for promotional purposes to utilize our emailing list, social media reach or street team, DL has experience in many areas and will be able to cater towards your needs.

​Drop us a line and lets talk about your next event!




TheDLbrand.com is the premier events blog for Minneapolis!


​When you want detailed info on a previous event or to know what great event is coming up next, we have you covered.


DL supports other brands and events such as ours because we believe in the power of building our community. For many years party goers complain about how we aren't as cool as the larger cities but we believe that Minneapolis has its own treasures!


We help in promoting your event as well as provide detailed blog post entries to help you speak to your audience and build your brand and image.


Let us help you build your network as well as provide the perfect platform to do so.


DL wants to help you bring in quality guest to your next event as well as helping you with event questions or needs to help your business strive for the long haul in this ever changing, face paced world!



Studio V.S.O.P. was started with the vision of hosting spirit focused events in venues such as art galleries, studio warehouses and private spaces.


Bringing guest together in a more intimate space to be able to network as well as sample, taste and educate themselves on refine spirits such as Cognac, Scotch and wine.


Hence the word "Studio," the ending was added on to relate to the years of establishment. DL has been in business for over 5 years. For a Cognac to bear the badge of V.S.O.P. the Eau de vie has to be barreled and stored for at least 4+ years.


In this industry, liqour is always present. Studio V.S.O.P. is be a great channel for guest to learn more spirits , enjoy a more intimate setting and attend an event that is different which draws inspiration from Los Angeles/New York.


DL would love to come out to your next bachelor/bachelorette party or group/corporate outing to provide you quality service and knowledge as well as good times!