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Apr. 12, 2014 | Studio V.S.O.P. | Citadel Gardens | Mpls | singlebarrel.eventbrite.com

April 4, 2014

Apr. 12, 2014 | Studio V.S.O.P. | Citadel Gardens | Mpls | singlebarrel.eventbrite.com


For our first Studio V.S.O.P. event this year, which is our segment for spirit tastings, we wanted to focus on an american classic, Jack Daniels.


Last year starting out in France with our Cognac series, this event focuses on a whiskey from the southern land of Tennessee. Next Saturday, April 12th at 7pm, DL has had the opportunity to work with Lowry Hill Liquor in Uptown to host an event using their single barrel whiskey.


Taking place in a local speakeasy, Citadel Gardens will be the atmostphere for guest to have the chance of trying a special whiskey like non other. Jack Daniels has offered a chance for individual businesses to, in sort a way, create their own whiskey. A 94 proof whiskey which bares the name chosen by the persons selecting the barrel is unique in character then the barrel next to it.


A night that brings guest into a venue never seen before by the public, to taste a special selected whiskey is what DL is offering and we hope for you to join us. We will have guest speaker Bryon Keeler to introduce the whiskey and help educate us through out the tasting process.


On top of that we have invited Cranky's Ice cream to join us in the tasting as they sample homemade vanilla, peanut butter & jelly as well as their new flavor "whisky sour"!


Grab your tickets today, there are only 50 spots avail.





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